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Fall 2007

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Posted: August 28, 2007

Bits, Bytes and the Rhetoric of Practice: New Media Artist Statements 2007

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The intent of Bits, Bytes and the Rhetoric of Practice: New Media Artist Statements, 2007, was to get a sense of what is happening in New Media from the ground level - from the artists who are creating it. This edition is a snapshot of New Media now, and rather than depicting a streamlined, neatly categorized sample of genres, it magnifies the rich diversity that is New Media practice today.

The intermingling of practices from both new and traditionally established art media is apparent, as is cross-fertilization with other disciplines. The ongoing relationship with the all-pervasive media information barrage embeds New Media within the culture at large that it both belongs to and simultaneously serves to critique.

Many of the participants' chosen keywords, ideas and practices intersect in ways that demonstrate the protean dynamic of Intermedia, revealing interrelationships between different media practices and ideas that combine or converge to create new forms. This self-reflexive process within new media culture results in a state of flux that allows for continual rejuvenation, so that New Media remains always relevant, surprising and ground-breaking.

This is the most international edition of media-N to date. We received submissions from all over North and Central America as well as from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Rachel Clarke, Editor-in-Chief, media-N

Please also check out our Call for Papers link. The next edition (Spring 08) will explore the theme of Intermedia.

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Artist Statements (Alphabetized)

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A Crucible for 21st Century Art: Boston Cyberarts Festival 2007
Dan Hermes

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