Scott Michael Conard

Artist Statement


My art is a reflection of the emergent technologies we perceive as overtaking society. From the rise of the video game culture in the past twenty years, to the role of the corporate media, our lives are being controlled by technology more than ever before. Ironically, we think we can control the media by just flipping a button on a remote, selecting a different link on a web site, or even clicking out of a video game. Yet, as soon as we make this choice, our life is inundated with more media.

My art discusses this idea of media control and the lack of personal control by creating art from the same media to which we are constantly exposed in our everyday lives. For example, I use edited television newscasts and cartoon characters to explore the various political issues we are facing today. I have made video games in which the user must point an electronic gun at a screen in order to activate a video clip that makes a social statement. I use digital photography to look at how my style and uniformity has shaped who I am. I also use sarcasm and humor as a way for me to deal with the serious issues I am discussing.

Scott Michael Conard Bio

Scott Michael Conard was born in Livingston, Montana but he spent most of his formative years in Cleveland, OH. Scott graduated from Allegheny College with a BA in Art and Technology in May 2002. After graduating he spent one year teaching Computer Art at Allegheny. After this experience Scott was accepted into the Masters of Fine Arts Program at the University of Cincinnati where he graduated with his MFA in 2005. In 2005 and 2006 Scott taught New Media at the University of Kentucky and during the 2006 - 2007 school year he taught New Media at the University of Montevallo. Scott will be an interactive juror for the ACM Siggraph International Student Interactive Competition in 2007.