Jeremy Hight

Artist Statement


We are taught that you must do one thing well: focus, specialize. This is drilled in from early education onwards. Art is not science, science is not art. Math is not language, language is not computational. It is unfortunate that this mode of thinking is pervasive. How can one question form or multi-layered, multi-disciplined questions of content with a singularity of focus? It is possible, but a hybrid skill set allows a greater access to these questions and resultant work. New media allows this.

I originally studied independently to be a meteorologist from early childhood to the end of high school. I also loved playing with math and played with game theory as a teen while also jumping into creative writing (to family chagrin). I studied painting and conceptual art for several years while also studying logic and critical theory. The beauty of new media is that these disciplines are able to co-exist and form interesting new methods, connecting areas of knowledge and artistic practice.

I wondered about the similarities between human trauma and past experiences and memory, and how this compares to how earthquakes move in the ground with varying intensity, dependent on past damage and soil sensitivity. The project Carrizo Parkfield Diaries is composed of text and image animations sequenced by data from sensors in a section of the San Andreas fault. (

After a call from Jeff Knowlton to work on a project looking at GPS, the railroad infrastructure and the history of Los Angeles, I wondered about how technology could "read" spaces as one moved and tell the unseen history and stories of a place. 34 North 118 West is a narrative work that triggers audio files tied to physical locations in a four-block area of Los Angeles and its layers of history (

I overheard a conversation at a bus stop about the weather being warm and realized that language in small talk can be a mid point in a numerical range (one person may be from Florida and the other from Minnesota yet it is indeed the low end of one range and the high of the other) thus yes, it is a "warm" day. Right as Rain is a narrative fed by live weather data from 20+ cities and the numerical ranges in their data edits the text accordingly in shifts and ranges of possible permutations in parallel:

Each of these collaborative projects were only possible in new media. 34 North is locative media / new media: it ran on a slate laptop and was outdoors, triggered by satellite and latitude and longitude. I am currently working on a project short listed for the international space station that will use narratives and data of cities on the earth "read" as the space station passes overhead. The project will be in cities along the flight path of the space station and will also allow art to be generated by the forms and patterns of communication between astronauts and those on the ground.

Jeremy Hight Bio

Jeremy Hight is a new media artist/writer and locative media artist/writer/theorist. He developed locative spatial narrative in the first locative narrative project 34 North 118 West. His essay "Narrative Archaeology" was recently named one of the 4 primary texts in locative media. He is co-editing an edition of Leonardo on graphic spatial immersion. He is working on several new media and locative media projects including Floating Points/Point to Point currently shortlisted by the European space agency for the international space station.