Jim Jeffers

Artist Statement


I make intermedia work confounding the easy connective-ness of formal concerns with the labored tangle of human interaction and thought, and the capricious natures of synchronicity, déjà vu, and serendipitous phenomena; which give one hope. Expressed through a fluid practice--and in my mind unrestricted by media or medial hegemony--discreet objects, video, performance and web-art are at the nexus of conventional and computational media.

While the formalities of the work may be palatable and pedestrian the back-end is nearly always computer mediated and the ambition is quietly hyperbolic and fantabiographic - to find a balance between the lived life and the imagined or fantasy life.

Story: my parents Christmas cards sometime before I was born (1966-1972). Imagine white cards embossed with a silver dove and text reading "Peace on Earth" on the cover. You open the card to reveal, "Fuck War!"

At the core of it there is a story or at least a relationship of images in context or a set of routines played to creative effect. Perhaps I cover the generalities of what art is in describing what I do instead of fixedly planting my flag in cultural questioning, sexy exploits, formal structure, flight (airplanes), wood, paint, and dangerously simple interactive code-art, etc. To have too firm a stance in this arena, I think, as with any, makes one all too easy a target for knock-down. Besides, homogeny is boring 1. and dangerous 2.

Jim Jeffers Bio

Prof. Jim Jeffers was born in late winter in Denver, CO. He lived there for 15 years with his loving parents, Dr. Jim (1925-1992) and Lou (1932-1999), a psychologist turned holistic heath care practitioner and interior designer turned healthware sales person respectively. Jim attended the University of California - Santa Cruz, where he studied Physics and graduated with a B.A. in Art with emphasis in printmaking and drawing. Upon completion of his undergraduate course work, he attended New York University and graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Studio Art with emphasis in sculpture and printmaking. Jim spent the better part of the next two years in San Diego, CA making art and cooking for his mother. He earned his M.F.A. from Rutgers University in 2000, and has taught at numerous institutions including: Rutgers University; Drew University; Seton Hall University; and NYU, just to name a few. He has exhibited work nationally and internationally. His current exhibition, Metus Nihil (fear nothing) will open in late May 2007, at the Jean B. King Gallery at The College of Southern Idaho. Jeffers is currently an Assistant Professor of Art in the Art Department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Jim lives in Lowell, MA, and works where he can.

  1. See the Bible, Genesis 11:1-9, story of the Tower of Babel
  2. See the Events of 9-11, http://www.911digitalarchive.org