Anna Krenz aka Anna Noonan

Artist Statement


Internet addiction disorder is a condition that becomes more and more common today. Dr. Ivan Goldberg first coined the term Internet addiction disorder (IAD) for pathological, compulsive Internet use. Hours spent in front of the computer make people addicted to it. Like in any other type of addiction people addicted to alcohol or other drugs, develop a relationship with their "chemicals of choice" and this relationship takes over other aspects of their lives. Addicts find they need drugs in order to feel happy. By spending hours alone on the computer people often decrease physical activities and socialization. There are many symptoms of IAD, not only psychological but also physical, such as Repetitive Strain Injuries in the hands, wrists, neck, back and shoulders; Cyber Shakes (typing motions of the fingers and psychomotor agitation); tension headaches, Computer Vision Syndrome in the eyes or general malnourishment.

For the project Medi@cus I have made a series of nine drawings which are assembled on textiles used for cleaning. The material was chosen consciously in order to point the process of daily routine such as cleaning to which one can also be easily addicted. On the other hand, sometimes, while being addicted, one needs a proper "clean-up" to find happiness without the addiction.

On each drawing there is a figure of a happy person, who is an addicted computer user. However each of the persons is also suffering from certain condition caused by constant use of the computer. There is physical pain as much as happiness.

The exhibition was shown both in real and virtual world. First opening of the exhibition was on April 21st 2006 in Phoenicia Centre for Contemporary Art in Rosemary, Second Life.

Second Life is a "massively-multiplayer online real-life game" (MMORLG) created in 2003 by Linden Lab, a private company based in San Francisco. Second Life has the advantage above other virtual realities because it gives its users ("residents") tools to add to and change. It is in constant development by the creative process of its residents.

For the project I have logged on to the Second Life, chosen the name Anna Noonan and created my avatar to look as much as possible like me. Later on I have found a gallery and arranged an exhibition with gallery owner Viktor Newchurch. Just like in real world, I have shown him my portfolio and discussed the details of the exhibition opening.

On May 6, 2006 there was an exhibition "Welcome to Media!" at the Królikarnia Gallery at National Museum in Warsaw. Apart from the actual drawings there were 9 screenshots from my Second Life adventures and exhibition preparations. At the opening of the exhibition there was also a live screening of an event at the Phoenicia Art Centre.

The main idea of the project is to combine virtual reality and real world in a new way - not only bring what is real to the virtual world but also opposite. The aim is to make a virtual reality present in physical world.

Anna Krenz Bio

Born 1976 in Poznan, Poland I am an architect, graduated at the Department of Architecture at the Poznan University of Technology (2002, Poland) and I also obtained a Masters degree MA in Energy, Environment & Sustainable Design at the Architectural Association in London (2001, UK).

Since 2003 I live and work in Berlin. My art has various physical forms, from drawings and paintings to video. The issues that concern me are mostly of social and political background.

In May 2003 I have started ZERO.project in Berlin. The main idea of the ZERO.project is to establish a meeting place for artists, exchange platform and a Gallery in Berlin with a focus point on Eastern Europe. There are thee major fronts - art, media [journalism], environmental design and architecture.

For the last 4 years I run a design studio Sinus_3 which is focused on environment, architecture, also on spatial and social aspects of built environment and public spaces. I work with art, video, media and performance.

I am Editor-in-Chief of a polish magazine "VOX Design", I also write for major polish architectural magazines - "Architektura & Biznes" and "ARCHITEKTURA - Murator".