Duo l a u t (Pedro Rebelo and Franziska Schroeder)

Artist Statement


The duo l a u t is currently working in the domain of the "network". The duo engages in networked music performances and performs with musicians from diverse musical backgrounds in this virtual domain. The duo's work is particularly characterized by practice-led research in this field and provides an exciting platform for addressing notions of embodiment, emergence and network cultures. One of their current projects entitled Disparate Bodies investigates geographically dispersed performance presence in the context of network music performance. This multi-modal remote musical performance employs improvisational materials and attempts to investigate ways in which performers in separate sites can be rendered through hybrid objects. In this way, the relationship between sound and movement becomes underlined. The design of these hybrid objects is informed by the performative bodies and by their inherent sonic and physical gestures. Each performer is assigned a 3D rendered imagery or avatar. These hybrid objects in Disparate Bodies become entities that host the physical and musical gestures of the performers as they move according to each performer's output. The avatars consist of abstract representations of movement and gesture of the involved players; they act and react to remote performance activity, and thus can aid each performer in visualizing the remote performance scenarios. The performance set-up uses high quality audio streaming software developed by the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) in Stanford/USA and gesture, robotic and 3D rendering technologies developed at the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast (SARC).

l a u t Bio

"l a u t" is a new media collective run by digital artists/performers Franziska Schroeder and Pedro Rebelo. l a u t performs with saxophones, live-electronics and digital media. The duo has been performing as an improvisation duo since 1999, developing a series of novel interfaces which allow for the manipulation of electronic and multimedia forms. By combining live audio processing, sampling and synthesis, they develop musical interplay which extend the acoustic realm into a virtuality of sonic spheres. l a u t has been performing at international festivals with improvisers from various cultural and musical backgrounds. The duo publishes research in the areas of performance technology, human-computer interaction, composition, architecture, wearable technologies, in forums such as Organized Sound, ICMC, SMI, eCAADe, Embodied Technology Journal, Contemporary Music Review, Generative Art Conference and International Journal of Architectural Computing.

A recent performance of "Disparate Bodies" took place in June 2007 in which the duo l a u t (Franziska Schroeder - Saxophone and Pedro Rebelo - Computer) performed with American composer and musician Mark Applebaum - Moustrap, UK-based Tom Davis - Remote.bot and Alain Renaud - Frequencyliator.