Jess Loseby

Artist Statement


My main "canvas" and "paint" is the Internet but I also work with installations, video, mobile phone media, prints and performance. My work is based around the cyber-domestic aesthetic; scrutinizing the small, the domestic and my ideas of Amplified Reality (AR); created in the beautiful seams of ubiquitous computing.

Intrinsic aspects of my practice as digital artist are the multiplicitious ways to create:
In a translocal, yet site-specific environment;
Via back-lit, public/private spaces;
Within the plethora of screens and realities;
Avoiding being seen as the low-tech sister of commercial media (with more baggage and less money).

Sometimes, this digital flux involves working solely online or occasionally, moving as far away from any fixed screen as possible or using mobile media. In what I have coined "the cyber-domestic", this often also means finding and using platforms, materials or thematics which are more usually understood as domestic, but that seem strangely compatible with ideas that we have come to connect with technology.

As artist curator, the ever expanding-rhizomic nature of the web continues to intrigue me (as artists have always longed for like-minded individuals.) I continue to be frustrated about how, why and what new media is being shown in British Galleries and why it does not echo either the nature of European media art or learn from some of the curatorial misadventures of the US.

Jess Loseby Bio

Independent artist, AL, University of Chichester Jess Loseby's digital artwork is eclectic; from kids' portraits with mobile phones in Ely to digital scenery for a theatre in Hollywood. She was the first UK artist to undertake a solely virtual artist residency (Furtherfield). Her grants and awards include Daniel Langlois, Dino Villani International Art Prize (Premio Suzzara) and A.C.E. She exhibits around the world and contributes to media journals and commentaries. As artist-curator, her projects include: digital pocket gallery, the cyber-kitchen and disturb.the.peace (angry women).

She also spends two days a week converting unsuspecting Fine Art students to the dark (digital) side at her local university, designs websites and has 3 children, 1 husband, a wheelchair and often no clue about anything?