Doreen LaMantia Maloney

Artist Statement


I am a New Media artist or just a Video artist. I find that my work is new only in that it uses digital technology. Most media work surrenders itself to the viewer via the screen. I prefer to install my works in spaces that are either very large in order to break the viewing plane sculpturally or in very small, intimate spaces which require the viewer to bend, stretch or be uncomfortable in order to access the work. My desire to manipulate the viewer's body in space comes from my background in dance. For me interactivity is to make people move their bodies in relation to my work.

My biggest influences are Bruce Nauman, Gary Hill and Sam Taylor Wood, artists who show the mundane in very unusual ways. My videos highlight and abstract everyday language and gestures we use to construct our identities and express ourselves. For me these gestures and turns of language give insight to the psyche and culture.

The themes and concepts that I have explored using language and the everyday revolve around issues of identity and culture, death and presence, and surveillance and privacy. Narrative structures allow me to construct myths and histories of my family, friends and myself.

My recent work, a very large-scale experimental video installation, Conversations, is a partial re-creation of a conversation that is viewed by visitors as eight synchronized projections. This piece is my version of homeland security as reality television program. Resonance, in 2003 was another large-scale, five-projector installation that served as a meditation on war, specifically the Iraq war, death and memory.

Recent smaller works that document the gestures and fantasies of my life are Morning Ritual, Can You Hear Me and my current projects under production: Need for Speed and Summer.

Doreen LaMantia Maloney Bio

Doreen Maloney is currently Associate Professor of New Media at the University of Kentucky and is the former President and founding member of the New Media Caucus. Her work has been shown internationally in Naples, Buenos Aires, Paris, Istanbul, and Havana. Some of her favorite national venues have been the Soho Joyce Theater, the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and the Teknika Radica Festival in San Diego. She holds degrees from Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison in German and Russian languages and a Masters in Turkish History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.