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Fall 2005 | v.01 n. 01 | Invitational Issue |

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I am delighted to introduce the inaugural edition of Media-N, invitational and peer-reviewed online journal of the New Media Caucus. The creation of this journal has taken two years of planning and development. Thanks to the efforts of the Media-N editorial board, we are now ready to go! Two editions of the journal will be released per year, in September and February.

In this first edition, we feature selected papers from panels at the 2005 CAA conference in Atlanta, Georgia: the New Media Caucus affiliated panel Screenshots and Audio Effects, Electronic Events (co-chaired by Doreen Maloney and Rachel Clarke), as well as non-affiliated CAA panels of great interest to new media adherents: Interrogating Interfaces (co-chaired by Alec Macleod and Laurie Beth Clark), and Human and Machine: Examining the Place of Physical Technology in Contemporary Performance(chaired by Gwyan Rhabyt). Each of the panels investigates aspects of current discourse and practice in media arts.

In addition, we have two texts relating to Digital Concentrate, an exhibition of new media art at Purdue University 3/05-4/05 (curated by Elizabeth K. Menon, Petronio Bendito and Craig Martin): a review by Roseanne Altstatt and a commentary by Petronio Bendito.

The aim of the journal is to reflect the energy and interests of media arts practitioners, educators and theorists. It will act as a voice for new media arts in culture, education and practice. We want it to be a vibrant platform, full of new and engaging discourse. We strongly encourage you to submit papers, reviews and commentaries for future editions of Media-N -- each issue will feature a call for texts for the next and forthcoming edition(s). We will usually have a theme for each edition. The next edition, however, is an open call where you are invited to send us texts on any new media topic: papers, commentaries, reviews of exhibitions, etc.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the journal, submissions, etc:

Rachel Clarke, Editor-in-Chief, Media-N

California State University, Sacramento

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