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Spring 2006 | v.02 n.02 || Posted: June 19, 2006  [PDF] Print Version

Mediated Perspectives

This special edition of media-N focuses entirely on the CAA Boston 2006 New Media Caucus panel “Asia Effects in New Media,” co-sponsored by the Maryland Institute College of Art and the 6th Gwangju Biennale 2006 and chaired by Mina Cheon, who is Professor of Foundation and Interactive Media and Director of MICA Korea Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Mina Cheon is the guest-editor of this edition of the journal.

Mina Cheon put together a panel of fascinating speakers, dealing with a broad range of themes contextualizing “Asia Effects in New Media” from the perspectives of artist, curator and critic. They present a range of philosophical arguments, ideas and practices that offer up new and diverse perspectives for considering Asia in relation to new media and contemporary art practice.

This is the second of three editions of the journal to be released this calendar year: the first was in March 2006; the second being this special summer edition; and a fall edition to be published in October 2006.

Check out our Call for Papers link for details of the fall 2006 edition, to be guest-edited by Legier Biederman and Joshua Callaghan. It promises to be a thought-provoking investigation into new media practice and discourse – please consider submitting your contribution! 

Rachel Clarke
Editor-in-Chief, Media-N

California State University, Sacramento

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