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Call for Papers media-N fall edition, 2008

Theme: Imaging in the Digital

Guest Editors for this special issue are Paul Coldwell, Professor, Project Leader of FADE (Fine Art Digital Environmemt), at the University of Arts London
and Joan Truckenbrod, Professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Artists create a collaboration between digital technology and varied materials.  With studio practice sited at the threshold of the virtual world and the physical world, artists push one realm into the other in provocative directions.  Digital imaging originates,erupting the new, positing new relationships between artist and artwork.

Artists and theorists are invited to discuss their artwork and/or critical thinking in this area.  This issue will investigate alternative forms of digital expression and digital creativity in specifically created images and visual essays.

We invite submissions on critical thinking and studio practices, specifically created images and visual essays.

Please submit via email to:
Joan Truckenbrod at jtruckenbrodsaicedu and Paul Coldwell at coldwellhodesblueyondercouk

Deadline: July 1, 2008

Event reviews:The editorial board also invites proposals for reviews of exhibitions, events, festivals, conferences, etc. See examples of reviews in the current issue.

[·] Media-N author's agreement is available from the Copyright Statement.

[·] Send manuscripts via email to: Rachel Clarke, Editor in Chief (rclarkecsusedu)