Found, Sampled, Stolen: Strategies of Appropriation in New Media

FALL 2012: V.08 N.02

Wafaa Bilal, "The Night of Bush Capturing: A Virtual Jihadi"

Virtual Jihadi, 2009, Wafaa Bilal, Game art installation, ©2009, Wafaa Bilal, Used with Permission.




Found, Sampled, Stolen: Strategies of Appropriation in New Media


Routing Mondrian: The A. Michael Noll Experiment

Grant Taylor, Ph.D.

A {Digital} Stitch in Time

Alexia Mellor

The New Aesthetic and The Framework of Culture

Eduardo Navas, Ph.D.

Appropriating Web Interfaces: From the Artist As DJ to the artist As Externalizer

Marialaura Ghidini

Dadaist Game Art: The Digital Ready-Made and Absurdist Appropriation

Dr. Steve Gibson

Remixology (A Theoretical Fiction)

Mark Amerika

Curatorial experiments in liberating copyright-free material for artistic re-use

Sarah Cook, Ph.D.

Soup & Yogurt: A Guantanamo Archive (2005 – 2012)

Margot Herster

Copyright Cowboys Performing the Law

Cornelia Sollfrank, Ph.D.


ISEA 2012 – Machine Wilderness. A QA session between Andrea Polli and Pat Badani

Andrea Polli & Pat Badani

Máquina Indómita: Latin American Forum III, ISEA 2012

Andrés Burbano

A report on Moon Lust: An Augmented Reality Art Exhibition at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago (June through August 2012).

Patrick Lichty & Julieta Aguilera Rodríguez

Ubiquitous Infoscapes: new forms of awareness in contemporary cities.

Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico

MAGnetismo – gendered unspoken imprint in a second life

Andrea Varela

Women Art Technology

Jennifer Way, Ph.D.