Editorial Introduction

Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief

It is my pleasure to launch Media-N’s “CAA Conference Edition 2013,” our yearly publication showcasing panels and events sponsored by the New Media Caucus, a College Art Association Affiliate Society.

I wish to thank Associate Editor Rebecca Gallagher who took on the role of managing editor for the current issue. Rebecca worked with the New Media Caucus’ Events and Exhibitions Committee, with panel chairs, and with authors in order to assemble the NMC sponsored conference proceedings that took place at the College Art Association Conference in New York City.

This year, we sponsored two panels and the corresponding essays are included in the current edition. The first panel was held at the Hilton Hotel’s Nassau Suite on February 13th bearing the title “Art in the Age of High Security,” with panel chairs Jenny Vogel and David Stout, David Schwartz discussant, and panel members Nadar Assor and Clark Shaffer Stoecklet. The second panel was held at the Hilton’s Trianon Ballroom on February 15th and was titled “Computation and the Nonhuman: New Directions in Queer Theory and Art.” Chaired by Micha Maya Cárdenas, panel members included: Zach Blas, Pinar Yoldas, Jacob Gaboury, and Alison Reed.

In addition to the panels, the NMC’s Events and Exhibitions Committee organized two off-site events that gave NMC members the opportunity to gather, and to discuss samples of new media art from across the United States. The current edition publishes brief statements by presenters in both events.

One of these events was the “Fourth Annual New Media Caucus Showcase & Reception” held on February 13th at the National Academy Museum & School. This event featured presentations by fourteen NMC members, and in this edition we include statements by: Margaret Dolinsky, Belinda Haikes, Arthur Liou, James Morgan, Ed Osborn, Linda Post, Elia Vargas, Valentina Vella, and Doo-Sung Yoo. The second event was a 90-minute get-together titled “Lightening Talks” held at New York’s Characters Bar. The event involved seven-minute presentations by New Media Caucus members whose works address pertinent questions relevant to new media art. The “lightening talks” explored a format that allowed for the discussion of a wide range of ideas in a very short amount of time, and included presentations by: Meredith Drum, Meredith Hoy, Paul Johson, Carolyn Kane, Leslie Raymond, Nicolas Ruley, and Ellen Wetmore.

I would like to thank the organizations and individuals who made the conference and concurrent events possible; the authors and the artists for their essays and for their artwork, and most especially the panel chairs and the NMC Events and Exhibitions Committee for their attentiveness in gathering the proceedings included in the current CAA Conference Edition 2013.

I would furthermore like to thank Media-N’s editorial board, specifically Kevin Hamilton – Deputy Executive Editor – for their editorial support; Tiffany Funk for her role as copy-editor; Stacey Stormes, for her role as web layout designer and proofreader; and Peter Gariepy for the print edition layout and design.

Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief