Video and computer processing – Artist Statement

Elia Vargas

Independent Artist

As a video artist I seek to answer questions about the ecology of human identity – questions such as: how do objects in our lives affect our daily ritual; how does change in a place influence our experience of it; and what do our relationships with other people, with other organism, and with computer systems, actually look like?

My work embeds the audience within a system whereby digital processes reflect on natural occurrences. I create immersive, interactive environments that focus on objects and on elements found in daily ritual. I use video and computer processing in contrast with elemental and organic content.

I think that the digital-natural dialectic is the subtext of different life-processes: a landscape, an environment, a situation, an organism, a program, or a place as an emergent fabric of events, simultaneously woven together amidst constant change. As actors or reactors in those spaces, we each cultivate unique narratives and our identities are built with, and in reaction to those events.