CAA Conference Edition, 2014

#dog #dildo #satellite-dish, 2014, Morehshin Allahyari, 3D print, ©Moreshin Allahyahi. (Used with permission.)

#dog #dildo #satellite-dish, 2014, Morehshin Allahyari, 3D print, ©Moreshin Allahyahi.
(Used with permission.)


Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief



NMC SPONSORED PANEL: Approaching Systems

Chairs: Jon Cates and Shane Mecklenburger

Recent Projects
Eddo Stern

Not Playing Games: Tony Martin’s Game Room
Tina Rivers

End Game: Systems as Post-formalism
Melissa Ragain

Systems in Art Making and Art Theory: Complex Networks from the Ashes of Postmodernism
Philip Galanter

NMC SPONSORED PANEL: Exaptation and the Digital Now

Chairs: Alex Myers and Daniel Rourke; Panelists: Zara Dinnen, Rob Gallagher

Case Study #1: Holoback
Zara Dinnen

Case Study #2: The Phantom Zone
Daniel Rourke

Case Study #3: Fire in the Hole – The Obviously Non-Short History of Art Games
Alex Myers

Case Study #4: Exaptation, Interpretation, PlayStation
Rob Gallagher

NMC SPONSORED PANEL: 3D Printing Panel and Roundtable Discussion

Chairs: Tom Burtonwood and Rachel Clarke

Panelist Project Statements

Morehshin Allahyari

Jason J. Ferguson

Taylor Hokanson

Sophie Kahn

Tom Lauerman

Luis Navarro

Jamie Obermeier

Barbara Rauch

Kristin Stransky

David Van Ness



NMC SPONSORED EVENT 1: Lightning Talks

Bar Louie, Chicago.

Jeremy Blake’s Cinematic Color
Carolyn L. Kane

A New Ecology of Human Identity: Art in the Age of Machine Awareness. Cells in a Time of Disassemblage
Elia Vargas

Girls Steaming to Practicing STEAM: the Powers of New Media Arts for Engaging Girls in STEM
Media Art Group

Glitch as an Algorithmic Art
Daniel Temkin

Hardware and History: Computer art and the Question of the Peripheral
Zabet Patterson

From Systems Aesthetics to Automated Drone Imagery in the Age of Machine Autonomy
Robert Spahr

NMC SPONSORED EVENT 2: Fifth Annual New Media Caucus Showcase & Reception

Conaway Center, Columbia College Chicago

Tiffany Funk