Summer 2010: v.06 n.01
CAA Conference Edition, 2010

photo by Tod Seelie

photo by Tod Seelie


Editorial Statement


Limited Set: Generative Intersections of Theater and
Artificial Life

Chair: Adam Trowbridge

Movement and the Machine – Intersections Between Live Dance Performance and Structured Sets of Rules

Fabian Winkler , Carol Cunningham-Sigman & Rebecca Bryant

Generative Art and Pragmatic Physical Computing

Janell Baxter

Cybersex: What’s Art Got to Do with It?

Chair: Vagner Whitehead

Laborers of Love (LOL) – A Project-in-Progress by Jeff Crouse, Stephanie Rothenberg and Michael Schieben

Stephanie Rothenberg

Fuzzy Logic: “I know it when I see it” and other hazards for artists

Barbara DeGenevieve

Far Field: Digital Culture, Climate Change, and the Poles

Chairs: Jane D. Marsching & Andrea Polli

To Erode or Not To Erode: The Opposite Poles of Environmental Cultural Engagements

Lanfranco Aceti

Voices, Lines, Cracks and Data-Sets: Formations of a New Idea of the Canadian North

Leslie Sharpe

Myriad Couplings: Towards an Information Aesthetics of Climate Change

Tom Corby

Second Skin: UV Fashion or Data as Memory

Judit Hersko

Disappearing Ice and Missing Data: Climate Change in the Visual Culture of the Polar Regions

Lisa E. Bloom & Elena Glasberg

Airspace: The Practical Use of Radio in Antarctica

Andrea Polli

New Media/New Terrain: Pioneering a Ph.D. in Creative Research

Chair: Jessica Walker

University of Washington, DXARTS

James Coupe

Legitimizing the Ph.D. as Creative Research

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

To Ph.D or not to Ph.D?

Victoria Vesna


Live Cinema Summit: A Review of Real-Time Audio-Visual Performance

Alessandro Imperato Ph.D.

New Media and the Tenure Track Roundtable

Vagner Whitehead