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comment:// Channel TWo (CH2), launched in 1990, again in 2000, and again in 2009. It currently involves Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Westbrook, and Oskar Westbridge and it is this combination of perspectives, motivations, research, knowledge, skill, and lifestyle that makes Channel TWo.

define: interrupt

A signal to the processor emitted by hardware or software indicating an event that needs immediate attention. An interrupt alerts the processor to a high-priority condition requiring the interruption of the current code the processor is executing, the current thread. The processor responds by suspending its current activities, saving its state, and executing a small program called an interrupt handler (or interrupt service routine, ISR) to deal with the event. <3

define: interrupt handler

You think this can last? There’s a storm coming. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.

Find Channel TWo’s polyCopRiotNode protecting commerce near the intersection Wacker and Michigan using your augmented reality enabled smart phone. While a polyCopRiotNode can be hard to detect, it is always present.


CH2: a family

comment:// A new generation of parents is now taking solutions from the workplace and transferring them home. From accountability checklists to family branding sessions, from time-shifting meals to more efficient conflict resolution, families are finally reaping the benefits of decades of groundbreaking research into group dynamics. The result is a bold new blueprint for happy families.

define: givingupness

The average UK family spends the equivalent of one working week a year sorting rubbish into plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and compost. “The whole process is so confusing that even hardened and dedicated recyclers still get it wrong.”

comment:// “FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there.” is an aesthetic, sensory, and critical experience intersecting the complexities of conflict and space, psychology of will, collaboration/exchange, and the individuals relationship to power and control. “FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there.” is informed by landscapes in “first person shooter” games, including popular titles like Call of Duty and the Left for Dead series. While the focus of these games is to kill other players, the landscape that game play takes place in is often beautiful. “FIND EACH OTHER. Begin There.” foregrounds the simulated landscapes of first person shooter games, conceptually recovering a landscape and game space for other purposes. “FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there.” is a two-channel, networked, interactive landscape. Conceptually, the work integrates a bucolic representation of farmlands, the promise of sustainable energy, time and space for wandering/leisure and an underlying sense that things are not what they seem. The title is borrowed from a chapter in The Coming Insurrection. “FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there.” is interactive and social. Using wireless gamepads players can run through the space in search of each other, or they can stay put and wait. Players must negotiate, communicate, and collaborate with each other in real space/time in order to orient themselves and find each other in the game space. “FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there.” is intentionally designed to be accessible to both existing art audiences and welcome to a broader range of entertainment-focused audiences of all ages and demographics.

CH2: mixed.up(realities)

define: CH2.method()

A buffer overflow, or buffer overrun, is an anomaly where a program, while writing data to a buffer, overruns the buffer’s boundary and overwrites adjacent memory. This is a special case of violation of memory safety. Buffer overflows can be triggered by inputs that are designed to execute code, or alter the way the program operates. This may result in erratic program behavior, including memory access errors, incorrect results, a crash, or a breach of system security. Thus, they are the basis of many software vulnerabilities and can be maliciously exploited.

define: mixed reality

Reality, reality television and product placement all collide and explode across real and virtual space. CH2 offers an intersection of brand-embedded content that consumers desire and brand-aware consumers that companies love.

comment:// In 2011 Channel TWo was invited by Temporary Services to fill a USB drive with something to share as part of an exhibition. We did not want to give away specific works or random files. While driving back from Florida we decided to give people computer viruses.

comment:// t41nt3d [read tainted] love parts, friendly care packages, inventory

Win32.Eva by Benny, (c) 1999. Hello stupid user, i’m so sorry, but i have to interrupt your work,’cause I hate this shitty program. Click OK to continue. Win32.Eva is simple appender, infects one EXE file by changing pointer at 3ch in the ;MZ header, which points to new exe. After infection, MZ_lfanew pointer will be; pointing to the viruses new PE header. So, if u will execute infected program under ;Win9X, WinNT or under Win3.1x with Win32s subsystem, program will start at the ;new location. After virus will be done with his work executes program again with changed MZ_lfanew pointer, that will be pointing to the original PE header.

We were inspired by Benny’s gift to Eva: “Then it happened. I fell in the love with some nice girl. And becoz she didn’t know it and it happened on Friday, start of weekend, I didn’t know, what I should that dead weekend do. I decided it would be better to code something. By those three days, I coded, commented and debugged my first (Win32) virus.”

comment:// what does luck look like? how does it happen? who is it for?

define: family time

A key factor and driver of family time success are our various weekly expos, which brings us together under one roof. Each expo offers a multitude of vendors and information for families specializing in the focus of each expo. At the expos, families learn from sharing with one another and experiencing all of the unique products and services brought by clients.

comment:// Channel TWo (CH2) Episodes 1.4.2 is a brand new, large-scale, multi-level, projected, virtual environment designed and developed for trespassing. CH2 Episodes 1.4.2 intersects levels, landfill, fortune, and mixed.up(realities). It involves the experience of a large, rolling landscape with dirt roads, uncapped landfills, and concrete portals. Gallery visitors use a game controller to navigate the virtual spaces via walking and jumping. CH2‘s current iconographic array [Seven, Soda, Cherries, Coins, Bones, Bomb] is embedded again and again throughout the landscape, acting as cues to the game taking place beneath the surface, and outside the gallery in real life on the wwweb.

comment:// Driving us around the area, up hills and out onto the flat plains supported by our own waste, the site engineer had a hard time believing we found the Pheasant Run Landfill to be beautiful, complex and a completely contemporary collaborative landscape.

CH2: givingupness

define: civilization

A kernel panic is an action taken by an operating system upon detecting an internal fatal error from which it cannot safely recover. The kernel routines that handle panics, known as panic() in AT&T-derived and BSD Unix source code, are generally designed to output an error message to the console, dump an image of kernel memory to disk for post-mortem debugging and then either wait for the system to be manually rebooted, or initiate an automatic reboot.

comment:// Sometimes if a Maya scene becomes unstable, you can use Delete History on objects in a scene that begin to gather a long construction history to prevent unwanted issues. <3

comment: // “I don’t believe in neutrality because the world is already moving in certain directions and wars are going on and children are going hungry. Terrible things are happening. And so to be neutral in a situation like this when things are already moving is to collaborate with whatever is going on. And I don’t want to collaborate with the world as it is. I want to intrude myself.” [1]

comment:// History is not neutral, art history less so. The canon is deeply, deeply infected with sexism, racism, economic disparity —multiple aggressions, exclusions and erasures that take the form of polymorphic viruses, developed to intentionally mutate and avoid recognition. Terrible things continue to happen and this terrible mass of history and exclusion supports the preeminent art worlds of privilege and power. There is no potential for a “reboot” for the system, as was sometimes called for in response to the Occupy movements. Civilization cannot be saved. Channel TWo recognizes these realities and desperately attempts to find joy in them.

buffer overflow: “So we have a corpse on our backs, but we won’t be able to rid ourselves of it just like that. Nothing is to be expected from the end of civilization, from its clinical death. In and of itself, it can only be of interest to historians. It’s a fact, and it must be translated into a decision. Facts can be conjured away, but decision is political. To decide on the death of civilization, then to work out how it will happen: only decision will rid us of the corpse.” [2]



1. “A People’s History of Howard Zinn: Joel Whitney interviews Howard Zinn,” on Guernica, accessed March 14, 2013, http://www.guernicamag.com/interviews/a_peoples_history_of_howard_zi/

2. “The Coming Insurrection,” on Support the Tarnac 10: site of the US support committee for the Tarnac 10, accessed on March 14, 2013, http://tarnac9.wordpress.com/texts/the-coming-insurrection/


Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Westbrook and Oskar Westbridge collaborate as Channel TWo (CH2), a studio/research construct. CH2’s recent projects involve game environments and computer viruses. CH2 was awarded a 2012 Rhizome Commission, a 2011 Turbulence Commission, and a 2009 Terminal Commission. CH2 contributes to panels, publications, and collaborative programs involving new media and social research: Furtherfield.org (reviewers, ongoing), v1b3 Expose Intervene Occupy (participating artists, 2012), Basekamp’s Plausible Artworlds (co-facilitators, 2010), Temporary Services, “Art Work, A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics,” (writers, 2009). Trowbridge and Westbrook are Assistant Professors at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where they teach courses in the Department of Contemporary Practices and in the Department of Art and Technology Studies. Trowbridge received an MFA in Electronic Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago (2008). Westbrook received an MFA in Photography from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art (1998).