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Spring 2006 | v.02 n.01 | Posted: March 20, 2006  [PDF] Print Version

Mediated Perspectives
I am now delighted to introduce Mediated Perspectives, the second edition of media-N, invitational and peer-reviewed online journal of the New Media Caucus! This is the first of two editions of the journal to be released this calendar year, in March and September 2006. In this second edition, we sought a broad range of themes to enable us to define the scope of the New Media Caucus, the media-N journal and our readership. We invited two writers to share their views on new media and accepted submissions of papers on any topic of new media practice, research, debate or inquiry. From a broad range of submissions, we selected papers, a commentary and an exhibition review that reflect a number of areas of research and inquiry within the new media field.

The papers explore cyberfeminism (Juliet Davis, Representing the Body in Cyberfeminist Art, invited paper); new media from Turkey (Nancy Atakan, From New Media from the Periphery, invited paper); an installation from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (Dr. Judy Bullington, MEDIA + WAR = War Room); the Leitmotif as an aspect of new media arts (Joseph Defazio, Leitmotif: Symbolic Illustration in Music); and data visualization (Bob Cotton, Media-Scope – Exploring the Opportunity Space for Digital Content Creators). In the commentary, The Randomness of “Randomness and Certainty” Zev Robinson considers the function of random processes in the work of the UK collective, artafterscience, while Dr. Petronio Bendito and Dr. Susan Jane Britsch review the exhibition Tropicália: A Revolution in Brazilian Culture in the article Tropicália, Technology and Cultural Cannibalism.

The aim of the journal is to reflect the energy and interests of media arts practitioners, educators and theorists. It will act as a voice for new media arts in culture, education and practice. We want it to be a vibrant platform, full of new and engaging discourse. We strongly encourage you to submit papers, reviews and commentaries for future editions of media-N. Notice that each issue will feature a call for texts for the next and forthcoming edition(s).

Please contact us if you have any questions about the journal submissions, or suggestions for future issues.

Rachel Clarke
Editor-in-Chief, Media-N

California State University, Sacramento

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