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Spring 2006 | v.02 n.02| Posted: June 19, 2006  [PDF] Print Version

Media-N Special Edition
This special edition of media-N focuses entirely on the CAA Boston 2006 New Media Caucus panel “Asia Effects in New Media,” co-sponsored by the Maryland Institute College of Art and the 6th Gwangju Biennale 2006 and chaired by Mina Cheon, who is Professor of Foundation and Interactive Media and Director of MICA Korea Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Mina Cheon is the guest-editor of this edition of the journal.
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Rachel Clarke, Editor-in-Chief, Media-N

Asia Effects in New Media
"Asia Effects in New Media” looks at the trajectory of Asia influence in Western art, while investigating the effects of new media art. By presenting alterior lenses in which art history can be re-analyzed, the panel instigates the rhizomatic effect of Asia on Western art and culture. Parallel events took place in the East and the West during the rise of modernism, when both sides looked towards their cross-cultures and co-authored the rise of technology. Although art based on new technology can be easily associated with visions of a Western techno-utopic paradigm, unwritten histories interrupt this common understanding and collapse the logic of the East/West dichotomy. The objective here is to trace how media cultures and new media art reflect Asia tendencies that redefine cultural territories and deconstruct canonical understandings of space and time.. [>] Read full intro text

Mina Cheon, Asia Effects in New Media Guest Editor



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