Chris Salter’s Alien Agency

Orit Halpern Committee on Historical Studies/ Affiliate Design Studies New School for Social Research/Parsons School of Design “To break through language in order to touch life is to create or recreate the theater [and art] . . . ” [1] Antonin Artaud (1938) Chris Salter’s ambitious new book, Alien Agency: Experimental Encounters with Art in […]

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Ontogenetic research-creation

Gisèle Trudel Artist and Professor, École des arts visuels et médiatiques, Université du Québec à Montréal Translated from the French in collaboration with Catriona LeBlanc How does research-creation combine different fields of inquiry within temporality? How is this done? Ontogenesis, the central process of Gilbert Simondon’s philosophy of individuation, is useful to engage with this […]

Making a Meal of It: Appending ‘Reporting’ to Research-Creation

David Szanto, PhD Concordia University, Montreal (QC), Director, Master in Representation, Meaning, and Media, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo (Italy)   “[As] representational conventions and boundaries are loosened and crossed, both performance and nature are unsettled, re-created, re-defined.” [1] “I don’t know whether I agree with the proverb that repeated things give pleasure, but I […]


Owen Chapman, Associate Professor Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University Louis-Claude Paquin, Professor Faculty of Communication, Université du Québec À Montréal Louise Poissant, Dean Faculty of Arts, Université du Québec À Montréal Kim Sawchuk, Professor and Associate Dean Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University   This text was originally written in both French and English. […]

Mediations of Sensation: Designing Performative Sensory Environments

David Howes Professor of Anthropology and Director, Centre for Sensory Studies, Concordia University Chris Salter Concordia University Research Chair in New Media, Technology and the Senses and Co-Director, Hexagram network   Art, anthropology, the senses, and technology? This seems like a new combination. Could there be a serious collaboration between these practices? Our approach to […]

Research-Creation: Explorations

Index EDITORIAL STATEMENT Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief GUEST EDITORIAL STATEMENT Owen Chapman, Louis-Claude Paquin, Louise Poissant, Kim Sawchuk ESSAYS Dialogue on Research-Creation Marjolaine Béland and Louis-Claude Paquin Towards Organogenesis: For an Instrumental Approach in Research in Art Samuel Bianchini “I really don’t think we are there any more”: A Conversation with Peter Sinclair Owen Chapman Disnovation […]


Against the backdrop of a longstanding practice of ‘erasure’ both in artistic and critical work, co-guest editors Paul Benzon and Sarah Sweeney take up challenging questions related to the aesthetics of erasure today in the digital era. They investigate new meanings and the relevance of said practice within twenty-first century contemporary contexts typically defined by […]

The Aesthetics of Erasure

Index EDITORIAL INTRODUCTION Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief GUEST EDITORIAL STATEMENT Paul Benzon and Sarah Sweeney ESSAYS POWER In the Dead Letter Office Joshua Craze Version Control Seth Ellis CAPITAL Erasing in the algorithmic extreme: Mimi Cabell and Jason Huff’s American Psycho Kaja Marczewska Untitling Landscapes Justin Berry SIGNAL AND NOISE Habits of Experience, Habits of Understanding […]